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We care for you.

Midwives are low risk birth specialists providing expert care during pregnancy, labour and birth and the postpartum period.



During your pregnancy, we will see you in our office for regularly scheduled clinic visits – about every 4 weeks until 30 weeks, every 2-3 weeks till you are 36 weeks and then every week until you have your baby. We make ourselves available as much as possible to address your concerns. 


When you begin labour you can directly contact a midwife who you have already developed a trusted relationship with. We can support and guide you through the early stages of labour and be with you throughout your entire active labour, birth and initial stages postpartum. 


After the birth, we continue to provide comprehensive care for you and your baby as we remain your primary care provider for approximately 6 weeks.  You continue to have 24-hour urgent access to your midwife as well as the benefit of our frequent postpartum visits. 


Midwifery Is…



In 1998 Midwifery was fully integrated into the BC Medical System.  Since then when women get pregnant they get to choose whether to receive care from a family doctor OR a registered midwife. No referral needed and with no additional cost as Midwifery is covered by your MSP/ Care Card.

As primary care providers to pregnant families in BC, your midwife can order any lab, screening and diagnostic tests – including blood work and ultrasounds.  Midwives can also prescribe medications when necessary.

Midwives work collaboratively with other health care providers including your family doctor for issues not related to pregnancy and with other specialists such as obstetrician and pediatricians if you develop any complications.

BC Midwifery is an autonomous profession regulated for your safety by the College of Midwives of BC (CMBC). 


Midwives recognize birth as a normal physiologic process with a profound impact on all aspects of a parent’s life.  We know you are trusting us with one of the most important events of your life and therefore we provide a client-centred model of care assessing physical, social and emotional needs. 

Midwives recognize their clients as the primary decision makers.  We educate, support and advise providing evidence-based information to allow you to make informed choices about all aspects of your care – including tests, procedures and even choice of birth site

Midwives recognize the importance of building relationship and continuity of care.    Relationships are built through longer appointment times and only meeting a small number of midwiveswho are committed to being present for you throughout your birthing year.  Midwives are directly available to their clients at all times to address urgent concerns. 



The root of the Midwifery Movement in North America is activism.  Woman rejected the fear, over-medicalization and abuse of power they were subjected to when given birth.    Looking to countries where midwifery and home delivery was normalized and practiced safely, such as in the Netherlands, they demanded change.   Women wanted the opportunity to be supported in experiencing the normal physiological process of birth under the guidance of someone they could trust wouldn’t interfere and protection of someone trained to recognize when intervention was necessary.  At the heart of midwifery care is the respect and support provided to each client so that they may give birth safely, with power and dignity. 

Increasing public demand for regulated integrated midwifery brought it from the underground to the forefront of Maternity Care. The research supports what parents knew – families who choose midwifery led care are less likely to have interventions and are more satisfied with their birth experiences

At this time, BC has the highest number of births assisted by midwives across Canada.  Vancouver Island leads the province in demand for midwifery care.  And the Cowichan Valley leads the way with over 60% of deliveries cared for by midwives.