Julia Cianci and Selina Boily are Registered Midwives based in Duncan, BC.
Between them, they have over 30 years of experience providing expert care in the Cowichan Valley.


Selina boily, rm


Julia cianci, rm


I was inspired to become a midwife after experiencing the benefits first-hand with the births of my own children prior to BC midwifery regulation.  The experience of being supported through my fears and guided through my births impacted me deeply and ignited a passion for the profession I would dedicate my life to.


For me, supporting families through one of the most profound experiences of their lives is the way I have chosen to make a difference in the world as the experience of childbirth is also the birthplace of love and attachment that shapes our relationships to each other and ultimately our communities.  It is when we learn to be responsible and care for someone more deeply than ourselves.  It is when we learn to trust at our most vulnerable state.  It is a honour to participate and witness this transformation. 


 I have attended over 2000 births over the last 20 years in a number of places (international, urban and rural) and locations (home and hospital).    As one of the earliest midwives to be registered in the newly regulated BC Midwifery profession in 2000, I have been delighted to witness and participate in the birth of a profession from a fringe movement to a fully accessible integrated option for birthing families. 


I am most proud of our own community having started the Cowichan Midwifery Group in 2001 co-creating the Matraea Centre in 2010 and now continuing to fulfill on a vision of personalized, quality care for families in our new location as Cowichan Midwifery Collective. 

— Selina


 At the young age of 2, I toddled up the stairs of my home and with deep awe, I witnessed the birth of my little brother into the hands of two experienced and wonderful midwives. I believe this memory has profoundly shaped the woman I have become and initiated my life long dedication to the study and practice of midwifery.


I have always been interested in science and psychology and found midwifery to be a beautiful blend of the two. I acquired my Bachelor of Health Sciences in Midwifery from Ryerson University in Toronto in 2013. My appreciation for this educational experience motivated my desire for knowledge and deepened my commitment to skill development.  This educational effort was materialized in an award granted to me in my graduating year of Midwifery; The Murray and Elinor Einken award for clinical excellence.  I love the study of Midwifery and really feel this education is a life-long endeavor with every mother and baby I serve teaching me more.  


I am thrilled to be invited by women and families to such a profound and intimate moment in their lives and consider it a deep honor to facilitate a woman’s journey through pregnancy birth and motherhood. It is this honor that has, and always will be, the source of my dedication to provide the best possible care for the women and families I serve. I’m very excited to be a part of our strong women centered birthing community at Cowichan Midwifery Collective. I’m looking forward to meeting with you, hearing your story and sharing your journey through pregnancy, birth and new motherhood. 

— Julia